Our mission is to protect whales, dolphins, all other marine life and their habitats through the promotion of research programs, public education and conservation actions.
We pursue our mission through:

  • a multidisciplinary team,
  • a solid scientific and education background,
  • effective working protocols and action methodologies,
  • direct public involvement in research and conservation programs,
  • collaboration with Governments, Public Administrations, Protected Areas, other NGO and all organizations sharing the same mission.



Cetaceans of the Mediterranean face today more threats than at any other time of the human history. Now more than ever we need to explore strategic and innovative methods to communicate research efforts and results in order to ensure protection, safety and welfare of cetaceans.

Today SEAME Sardinia shares with you what we studied in more than seven years of research on cetaceans in the waters off Sardinia. However, every conservative effort will be useless if we do not take into account the human impact in our ecosystems.

We believe that direct involvement in the study and observation of cetaceans and other free ranging marine life strongly reinforces the awareness about the importance of the biodiversity conservation. SEAME aims to join people keen to deepen their knowledge on cetaceans and institutions working for the marine protection, strongly encouraging and supporting cetacean research, conservation programs and citizen science.

Restoring health and biodiversity of marine habitats in the Mediterranean is a big challenge, but we have an unprecedented opportunity: we can work, all together, to protect cetaceans and their habitats, and your help will be crucial. We encourage you to connect and interact with us, to share your thoughts and ideas, and to become a part of our community of people who care about the future of our Mediterranean Sea and marine life.