Citizen science is a modern activity that promotes the knowledge of biodiversity using the direct involvement of everybody in field data collection.

SEAME Sardinia offers you the opportunity of experiencing a new way of interacting with the sea and its creatures, side by side with marine researchers.

We propose a new form of active learning by direct involvement in cetacean research and conservation. Now you can support us, being part of our team for a day and sharing this experience with other cetacean enthusiasts like you.

Why join us?

You will contribute to cetacean conservation, also experiencing the fascinating Sardinia, one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean Sea.
The experience Researcher for a day is not for commercial purposes. We aim to collect reliable scientific data to increase our knowledge of cetaceans and other marine life in the Mediterranean Sea. The participation fee covers the running costs of the boat trip and the membership fee, and helps supporting cetacean research and conservation in Sardinia.

Coastal dolphin monitoring

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Sounds of the sea

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