Environmental education

The importance of environmental education was emphasized at the Rio Conference in 1992.

Environmental education is a process directed at creating awareness and understanding about environmental issues that leads to responsible individual and group actions.

It aims at changing dramatically both individually and collectively behaviors and attitudes, to achieve a vision of the mankind’s future of as inseparable part of the future of nature.

SEAME Sardinia conducts environmental education and awareness programs dedicated to the general public and schools of different levels. We think that by means of environmental education, through an interdisciplinary approach involving science, traditions, history and culture, we can achieve a full understanding of how the existence of human beings on earth can sustainably coexist with nature.

Through targeted programs of active-learning education in collaboration with the school, SEAME provides opportunities for discussion and personal involvement, to address the need to educate and raise awareness on the importance of protecting the environment all marine and terrestrial bio-resources and ecosystems.

Awareness and Dissemination

SEAME aims to raise awareness and educate people about the need to protect and preserve Mediterranean marine biodiversity and cetacean species in order to address the continuing threats to their health.
SEAME also gives regular presentations and lectures on whales and dolphins at schools and to the general public.